Edit instead of Clone (Beta)

We've added an Edit button for deployments, so you can add, edit, or remove files without having to Clone each time. On the deployment page, click ••• > Edit.

Deployments with peer review approvals cannot be edited, to prevent unexpected changes from sneaking in. This replaces the old Exclude Files and Edit Patch functions.

Fix the status of failed deployments

Sometimes deploy operations fail after the file were already written. While we try to prevent this, it can happen if something goes wrong applying permission changes or if connection timeouts interrupt the process. To maintain a consistent status in Blue Canvas as your system of record, you can now manually mark failed deployments are successful by clicking the Mark as Deployed button that appears in the Deployment Failed status.

Rich text templates

You can now configure deployment description templates. Some customers go through a standard list of checklist items before each production release. Previously, you had to copy and paste your checklist text from an external source, like, a wiki. The new Templates menu gives you a shortcut right in Blue Canvas.

Furthermore, the stability of the rich text editor was improved and it should overall work much better now. We fixed some cursor jumping and refined the Markdown handling to generate cleaner output and allow things like embedding checklist items within unordered lists.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Improves the handling of branch locks and timeouts
  • Adds support for comparing more than 3,000 files at once
  • Adds ••• > Delete Deployment to the menu
  • Adds infinite scrolling in the Source Snapshot field, which was previously cut off after the first fifty entries
  • Adds support for deployment numbers over #10000
  • Adds support to paste \t in description texts
  • Fixes autocompletion in Labels and JIRA fields
  • Fixes bookmarks appearing for deleted branches
  • Fixes rendering of very long lines in diffs