Merge Conflict Resolution is live!

Fail fast, review conflicts, and smoothly merge changes with peace of mind 👌 With Merge Conflict Resolution, Blue Canvas detects on-the-fly if your deployment is conflicting with other changes that happened on the destination org.

Salesforce & Git Quick Sync

Quick Sync mirrors metadata changes from your sandbox to a Git repository within a minute

Auto-suggest tests, Test suites

Are you a frequent user of specified tests? We have brushed up the selection flow to make it simpler to find and add the right test classes to your deployment:

Custom Coverage; Email and Teams Notifications

Custom Code Coverage

Enforce Code Coverage, Mobile CSS

  • You can now enforce 75% test coverage on sandboxes using branch rules. Requiring coverage in non-production orgs is useful to prevent surprises late in the process, when a change can’t go live because it doesn’t have enough tests. To use this feature, go to Settings > Branches > New Rule. Select the checkbox 'require that unit tests cover at least 75% of the code'.

Automatic Dependency Detection

  • Get suggestions for dependent files when creating Deployment Requests. This new feature tells you that a Visualforce page depends on a related Apex controller, or a validation rule depends on a custom field, and much more.

Native Slack Notifications

Filter Changes By Date

Advanced Permissions & Upgrade to 53.0

  • Deployment permissions can now be assigned to more than one role. This gives you more flexibility and allows you to, for example, grant the permission to create deployments to production to both "Release Managers" and "Team Leads". Previously, a permission could only be assigned to one role at a time.
  • Custom roles can now be created. Previously, only three predefined roles were available.

CSV Exporter and “Queued” Status