Native Slack Notifications

  • We now have a native #slack integration. Receive messages on when deployment requests are created, changed, validated, and more. This way you'll always be up to date about what happens on Blue Canvas. Notifications will be posted as Incoming Webhooks to a unique URL hosted on Slack. To get started, go to Settings > Notifications > Slack > Enable, and follow the instructions.

New Experience for Profiles & Permission Sets

  • Our permissions deployer keeps getting better. In the last update we shipped 3-10× speed improvements to the tool, and we now follow it up with a complete redesign and streamlined experience.
  • The new interface is easy to scan and navigate, with a structured sidebar. We have replaced the old tree view with a clean and well-organized permissions table.
  • If you forgot to include a profile in the comparison, you can now add it without leaving the page.
  • If you made changes to a profile, you can now refresh it without leaving the page.
  • To try the new version, select the checkbox to include profiles when creating a new Deployment Request, and click Try new version (Beta) on the next page.

Simpler Web Hooks

  • We simplified the architecture of our HTTP POST webhooks. Previously, hooks used the native AWS SNS messaging format, which required subscription confirmation on signup and payload messages were double-encoded as JSON in JSON. The new version does not have these complications. Messages are posted directly to the URL you register and payloads are protected with a simple HMAC message signature.