Other improvements and bugfixes

  • Adds column sorting to the files table on the compare page
  • Improves scrolling performance on the compare page

Peer reviews and protected branches

Customizable dashboard columns

Smaller files for Custom Labels

Previously, all Custom Labels were tracked in a single large file. We improved the file format to store each label in its own small file, using the DX decomposition pattern. Now you can select a single label for deployment, which is more precise than deploying them all at once.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Fixes state management issues with the deployment editor
  • Fixes handling very large files in the deployment editor
  • Fixes session errors after accepting an invite email
  • Fixes a rendering issue with the filter popover
  • Improves scrolling performance on the new compare page
  • Removes access to the legacy compare page


Today we're rolling out support for line-based commenting in Deployment Requests! These contextual conversations work great for code review and technical discussions.


Line-by-line editing in deployments


Bugfixes & Upgrade to 48.0

We're socially distancing ourselves from a few bugs and are upgrading all repos to Spring '20:

Feature Release

Happy new year! We've released a new version today: