Advanced Permissions & Upgrade to 53.0

  • Deployment permissions can now be assigned to more than one role. This gives you more flexibility and allows you to, for example, grant the permission to create deployments to production to both "Release Managers" and "Team Leads". Previously, a permission could only be assigned to one role at a time.
  • Custom roles can now be created. Previously, only three predefined roles were available.

CSV Exporter and “Queued” Status

Integrations for Azure DevOps and Jira On-Prem

Progressbar for Apex tests and validations

A progress bar has been added to the deployment page that shows you the status of your unit test and metadata validation in real-time. You can see at a glance how many tests remain to run. Test failures are now displayed as a summary table, so you don't have to dig through the test logs anymore.

My Domain, Multi-Clone, and more…

  • Each Blue Canvas workspace now has a dedicated URL in the format to improve the security and scalability of the system. Transition should be seamless, since users will be routed to the new login pages based on their email address and old bookmarks will continue working and automatically redirect to the new domain.

Other improvements and fixes (1.22.3)

  • Introduces support for Salesforce Winter '21 (50.0) release and automatically upgrades all repos
  • Fixes the "unexpected value" error when deploying permissions by turning it into a warning
  • Fixes an issue where "Mark as Deployed" could appear as "Deleted". Affected deployments have been updated to the correct status.

Edit instead of Clone (Beta)

We've added an Edit button for deployments, so you can add, edit, or remove files without having to Clone each time. On the deployment page, click ••• > Edit.

Other improvements and fixes (1.19.1)

  • Fixes an issue where "Select All" did not respect active filters
  • Fixes an issue where advanced files did not appear in the Selected Files tab
  • Fixes an issue where shift-click did not work in Firefox
  • Fixes default permissions for early customers

Redesigned Create Deployment page

Deep links and UI improvements

This update contains an improved login flow and other UI enhancements to make your life a little easier.