Other improvements and fixes

  • Introduces support for Salesforce Winter '21 (50.0) release and automatically upgrades all repos
  • Fixes the "unexpected value" error when deploying permissions by turning it into a warning
  • Fixes an issue where "Mark as Deployed" could appear as "Deleted". Affected deployments have been updated to the correct status.

Edit instead of Clone (Beta)

We've added an Edit button for deployments, so you can add, edit, or remove files without having to Clone each time. On the deployment page, click ••• > Edit.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Fixes an issue where "Select All" did not respect active filters
  • Fixes an issue where advanced files did not appear in the Selected Files tab
  • Fixes an issue where shift-click did not work in Firefox
  • Fixes default permissions for early customers

Redesigned Create Deployment page

Deep links and UI improvements

This update contains an improved login flow and other UI enhancements to make your life a little easier.

Find selected files more quickly

We've added a tab to the files table where you see your currently selected files at a glance. Previously, you had to fiddle with the column filters to get that information. If you had any other filters set, or were searching at the time, you lost your filters. Now it's easy to toggle back and forth without loosing context.

Other improvements and bugfixes

  • Adds column sorting to the files table on the compare page
  • Improves scrolling performance on the compare page

Peer reviews and protected branches

Customizable dashboard columns

Smaller files for Custom Labels

Previously, all Custom Labels were tracked in a single large file. We improved the file format to store each label in its own small file, using the DX decomposition pattern. Now you can select a single label for deployment, which is more precise than deploying them all at once.