Integrations for Azure DevOps and Jira On-Prem

  • We are introducing support for Azure DevOps and on-prem Jira Server to Blue Canvas, in addition to our existing Jira Cloud integration. This gives you a quick and easy way to tack related work items to the corresponding Deployment Request. To set up an integration, go to Settings > Issue Trackers.
  • On top of that, we've launched plugins on the Microsoft and Atlassian marketplace that you can install to add a Blue Canvas panel to your issue-tracker, for a full two-way integration.

Other improvements and fixes

  • We've updated the REST API and Node.js SDK to work with OAuth 2.0 client credentials, for increased speed and security. Check the updated API docs for more information.
  • When you create a new Bulk Release, the Bulk Release will now inherit all the linked issues of its children. This makes it easier to review which releases a given ticket was part of.