Enforce Code Coverage, Mobile CSS

  • You can now enforce 75% test coverage on sandboxes using branch rules. Requiring coverage in non-production orgs is useful to prevent surprises late in the process, when a change can’t go live because it doesn’t have enough tests. To use this feature, go to Settings > Branches > New Rule. Select the checkbox 'require that unit tests cover at least 75% of the code'.

In an upcoming version of Blue Canvas, we will allow you to raise the percentage to e.g. 85% across all of your orgs. And code coverage will be shown at a glance in the deployment page header.

Mobile Stylesheets

  • If you've ever wanted to approve deployment requests in the car / train / private jet, you now can. Log into Blue Canvas from your mobile and approve Deployment Requests on your phone. We have added an optimized and slimmed down CSS that allows you to navigate and use the most important parts of the app from mobile.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Removes 'branch connected' and 'branch disconnected' events from the Slack integration, because they fired too often.
  • Fixes an issue where the 'View on Salesforce' link was flashing.
  • Fixes an issue where the 'Review Changes' button remained disabled after page load.
  • Fixes an issue where pages loaded slowly while waiting for branch details.