With webhooks, you receive programmatic notifications when changes happen in Blue Canvas. The webhook protocol is based on Amazon SNS (Simple Notification Service) and uses its subscription confirmation and notification format. You can register a webhook on the settings page.

Before You Begin

Before you subscribe your HTTPS endpoint, make sure that the endpoint is ready to handle the HTTP POST requests that Amazon SNS uses to send the subscription confirmation and notification messages. Usually, this means creating and deploying a web application that processes the HTTP requests from Amazon SNS. The web application must be reachable on the public internet, and the connection must be HTTPS encrypted.

When you subscribe an HTTP endpoint, Amazon SNS immediately sends a subscription confirmation request. Your endpoint must be prepared to receive and process this request when you create the webhook, because Amazon SNS sends this request at that time. Amazon SNS will not send notifications to the endpoint until you confirm the subscription. Learn more about subscribing HTTP endpoints with Amazon SNS.

If you use the Blue Canvas Node.js SDK, the subscription confirmation process is handled automatically by the hapi plugin. The plugin comes with secure defaults and does all the validation and message parsing for you. Visit the SDK documentation for more details.

Creating a Webhook Subscription

  1. From Blue Canvas, go to Settings > Webhooks.
  2. Click on New Webhook.
  3. Enter the URL of your event listener, and click Add.

A subscription confirmation message will be sent to the endpoint. Confirm the message and refresh the page. The webhook should now appear as Active. You must be an account owner to perform these steps.