Deploying Profiles and Permission Sets in Blue Canvas

How to Deploy Profiles and Permission Sets as part of deployment requests in Blue Canvas.

1. Create a new Deployment Request

To deploy a Profile or Permission Set change, begin by creating a new deployment request as you normally would.

2. Include Profile and Permission Set changes

On the create DR page under Options you will see a checkbox and an option to "Deploy related profiles and permission sets".


Check that checkbox and create the DR as you normally would including the metadata components that you would like to deploy.


You must select at least one component (while in Beta)

You will need to include at least one metadata change to deploy a Profile or Permission Set change. If you want to simply deploy a change to a Profile or Permission Set without including any other metadata please use our free Profile and Permission Set Deployer at:

3. Select Profiles and Permission Sets you wish to compare

You will be prompted to select the Profiles and Permission Sets you wish to compare.


Select the ones you'd like to compare, and then hit "Apply" at the bottom right.


Validation already running

Your Deployment Request validation step is already running while you compare and configure your Profile and Permission Set changes. This parallelization speeds up the deployment process.

4. Use filters to select which changes you want to add to the Deployment Request

On the left side of the UI you will see various filters for different metadata types like Apex Classes, Applications, Field Level Security, Objects, Record Types, System Permissions, Tabs, etc. You can use these filters to find the changes that you want to include in your request and include them selectively.

You will be able to cherrypick specific changes based on these filters and do so on a per Profile or Permission Set basis. Expand the filter list and the list of compared Profile and Permission Sets to include partial or complete changes.


5. Click "Add to Deployment"

Once you have selected your components you can click "Add to Deployment". You will see the status of your Deployment Request here.


You can also click "Permissions" at the bottom of the page to see the rendering of which Profile and Permission Set changes are staged to deploy with this DR.


6. Quick Deploy

When you click Quick Deploy you will deploy the changes to the metadata as well as your changes to Profiles and Permission Sets.


Profile and Permission Sets deployments currently in Public Beta

This feature is in public beta. Please reach out to [email protected] with any feedback or feature requests.