Invite Users

How to invite users and set up permissions for your team.

Managing a Salesforce release process often involves setting up a team and creating various permissions structures. Fortunately, Blue Canvas is here to help.

1. Inviting Users to Your Team

To invite users to your team, simply click the person icon in the top right of your screen and click Account Settings.

Under Authentication select Users

Select Invite New Users.

You can then add email addresses for your users and they will be sent an invite.

2. Accepting an Invite

Users that have been invited to Blue Canvas will receive an invitation by email. The email will walk them through steps for accepting the invite. They will be prompted to create a new password upon their first login.

3. Revoking Access

To remove a user from your Blue Canvas account, contact [email protected]

4. Permission Based Deployments

Blue Canvas allows you to configure who is allowed to deploy where.

On a per branch basis, you can select:

  1. Who is allowed to create Deployments
  2. Who is allowed to approve Deployments

When a user has the ability to create Deployments then can initiate a Deployment from a source org to a target org and trigger validation.

However, they can only approve the Deployment by clicking Quick Deploy and they can only do that if they have permission to deploy to the target org.

To set up permissions, navigate to the Permissions section of the Authentication section in Account Settings.

You can configure which user types are allowed to deploy to which environments on this page.


Deployment Roles

By default, there are two deployment roles in the system. All Users and Account Owners. Account Owners. Account Owners have admin privileges.

To designate user roles or customize the permissions structure please email support at [email protected].