Deployment Checklists

Create a list of items with checkboxes to track Pre- and Post-Deployment Steps between Salesforce orgs.

Not everything can be deployed automatically in Salesforce. Some types remain unsupported by the Metadata API. Other types may be supported but require some coordination or you just prefer to update them manually. You can use Manual Checklists in Blue Canvas to keep track of and coordinate these manual efforts.


Blue Canvas supports Markdown in the Description Field. Users can update the Description field to include Markdown content including checklists.


Markdown Cheat Sheet

For more please check out this cheatsheet:

1. Go to a Story and Edit the Description

Checklists are associated with Stories on the Deployment page. Each Story now has an editable Description field that supports Markdown. You can also add Markdown to the Description field when creating a Story.

2. Add Markdown Style Checklists

Adding checklists in Markdown is simple. You can format them like so:

- [x] Checklist Item 1
- [ ] Checklist Item 2
- [ ] Checklist Item 3

And they will display as checkboxes like so:

  • Checklist Item 1
  • Checklist Item 2
  • Checklist Item 3

3. Save Markdown

Click Save to see the checkboxes appear.

4. Check and Uncheck Boxes as Needed

You can now check and uncheck boxes as needed.

5. Track Changes on the Deployment Page

Whenever checkboxes are added to a Story, we add them as tasks and track their status on the Deployment page. If you add 3 checkboxes you will see that your Story has 3 Tasks. If they are unchecked you will see that the status of the Story shows 0 of 3 Tasks Complete.

This is updated in real time.

6. Mark as Complete

When all manual steps have been completed you have the option to mark a Story's manual tasks as Complete. You can track this along with the validation status.


What's Next?

We are working on adding new functionality to this feature such as @mentions and the ability to assign stories to others. Please contact [email protected] to learn more.