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Benefit from faster sync between your Salesforce sandboxes and Blue Canvas


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Quick Sync brings faster source control to your DevOps workflow, mirroring metadata changes to a git repo in less than a minute. Learn more in our announcement blog post.

Quick Sync integrates with Salesforce Source Tracking in order to optimize and speed up the 'mirroring' process that happens between your sandboxes and Blue Canvas' git repository. With Quick Sync, any metadata/config change applied in Salesforce will be visible in Blue Canvas in less than a minute.

Enable Salesforce Source Tracking

Salesforce Source Tracking is the one requirement for Quick Sync to operate. This is a Salesforce optional setting that must explicitly checked out in your environment.

💡 Note that Salesforce Source Tracking 'is available in Developer and Developer Pro Sandboxes only' (see documentation. The same therefore applies to Quick Sync .