Export History

There are two ways to export your Git history from Blue Canvas. Here's how to use both.

There are two ways to export your Salesforce Git history from Blue Canvas: via the command line like a normal Git clone of a repository, or by using our CSV export functionality. The Git repo clone is great for more complicated maneuvers, while CSV export is great for declarative users or for communicating change logs to business users.

1. Export Git History via CSV

To export your Salesforce Git History to a CSV simply log in to: https://manage.bluecanvas.io.

Visit the History Tab in the top nav bar.

Your Git branches which correspond to each of your connected Salesforce environments (sandboxes for example) will be listed on the left. Toggle to the branch you want to export history for.

By default Blue Canvas will render the 25 most recent changes on that environment. In the top right had corner you can expand that list to 100. Or at the bottom you can click "Load More" to bring on even more.

The CSV will contain everything rendered on the page so set up your page to include all the information you want to export.

Finally, there is a "three dot" drop down menu next to the selector for the number of items in the top right corner of the page. Click the menu and select "Export as CSV".


Export Salesforce History to CSV via Git.

This will export all of your information from the page into a CSV including: commit message (e.g. "Added MyApexClass.cls"), Committer, Committer Email, Date, and Commit Hash.


Want more info in the CSV export?

Email [email protected] to include more information in your CSV export!

2. Export Via Command Line and Git

On the Blue Canvas Branches Tab there is a dropdown at the bottom of the page entitled: How to make a local copy of your files...

If you click this drop down you will get a series of command line instructions that you can use to export your entire Git history. This can be used to connect to external source control systems like GitHub or Bitbucket or VSTS.

It can also be used with GUI-based tools like Source Tree to find precisely what you are looking for.


Export your Salesforce history from Git via CLI